Anyone training up for the 13' GA TM in GA or Korea?

I'm going to the 2013 Run in Georgia in APR and will be in South Korea until December. Just looking for people who are training up for it and maybe even someone here in Korea with me. Never done one before but I'm in the military and in great shape. If anyone wants to add me feel free just say hey as well, thanks. 

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At the GA TM there were only 3 or 4 obstacles that you had to wait for, all the rest you were able to complete and jog to the next one. Funky monkey, artic enema, Everest & shock therapy are all pretty tough. I did it & was able to complete it after I twisted my ankle 2/3 way through. It's all up to how quick the individual wants to complete the course. Lots of people ran it for the first 1/2 and walked the rest of it after they petered out of energy. More folks hauled butt & ended up in space blankets for hypothermia or at the medics tent with injuries because they pushed themselves too hard.

I think that if you get out ahead of the crowd then you shouldn't have to wait in line. It should spread out after the first few miles. I haven't done a TM before, but I've done a Spartan Race - which is an obstacle mud run. I think it is what you make of it. If you want to be competitive then you have to be upfront. And also try not to get stuck behind people!

I dont think it will be bad, ive had similar experiences with all of the hardest obstacles. One time we had to cross a chest high river in the middle of the mountains in December. It was terrible getting out of the water and having all of my muscles tighten up. But I think that and the shock obstacle is more mental toughness than physical. A lot of these people are doing it for fun and dont really take it seriously. I think they are surprised when they get to it. We have these knives that arent sharp, but they are electrified. We use them when we fight to teach people how to disarm the enemy. If they mess up they get some pretty decent burns from it sometimes. As long as that obstacle isnt turned up so much that when you hit it you cant move it should be fine. I hear there are rope obstacles. Thats what I dread the most because I know how bad rope burn sucks. I dont really wanna wear socks or pants. but I guess socks is going to be the best option. I also dont want to run in tennis shoes, I know that mud will cake up on and inside shoes and that can be annoying. I think I am going to run it in my fivefingers.
Sounds like your ready! I did it for the challenge last year and ran out of gas at the end, and walked to the finish - was in decent shape. Obstacles were not too bad, and electroshock is all mental. I enjoyed it so much that I ran again this year and am signing up for next year. There is some wait time at a few of the obstacles, but it's usually not too bad.
If you get off the base (when you get back) and want to hit some trails, look me up.

Yeah I will do that when I get back. Never really done any running through trails except a couple times for the Army but that wasnt anything special and it wasnt very dense or arduous.

I'm looking to do the 2013 TM in GA too. It'll be my first and I'm pretty out of shape right now. I figured a full year of training ought to be enough to get my ass in gear. I'm in the Athens area and could probably use someone to yell at me until I get up off my ass if anyone here wants to help. I have very limited upper body strength, so I could probably use some tips on improving that. I do jog 3 miles 3 times a week, so at least I'm not starting from nothing.

Im in the same boat i have preregistered for the event and will be back in GA from deployment in oct ... im in need of a training partner myself.

im doing ga  saturday 10am wave looking for partners


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