Doing my first TM in Vermont in May.

Someone told me it's a good idea to duct  tape your shoes to your feet/ankles so the mud doesn't suck the shoes off your feet......

Not sure if this is a good idea, since I'm guessing the tape going around the bottom of the shoe would just kill your traction.... 

Anyone do this?



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The people I saw wearing old, duct taped sneakers as a "throw-away" pair definitely had traction issues... along with two 5lb weights attached to their feet after the first water obstacle.

My advice would be to get a pair of shoes designed for the terrain you'll be running in (wet, muddy, hills). Train in them for a month or two before the event and make sure you tie them TIGHTLY before the race starts.

After reading a bunch of forum discussions, I ended up wearing New Balance Minimus' at the November Tri-State. They were great and I didnt have any issue with mud sucking them off my feet. The shoes were made to run in mud/crud, taping them would defeat the purpose. They didnt hold water, gripped the muddy hills like a champ and cleaned up afterwards. I'll be using them again at the May PA mudder!

Good luck whatever you decide to do!

Thanks, Adam.

What you said is what I was thinking...  I'd definitely wear some good trail/mud running shoes but was thinking that having duct tape strapped all over them would be heavy, would reduce water drainage, and reduce traction if the tape was wrapped around the bottom of the shoes in order to hold the shoes on.

But since the guy who mentioned it has a few TM's under his belt I gave his advice a second thought!


I run a huge charity event every year - 192 teams playing knee deep Mud Volleyball.   We give out duct tape and people bring their own.  It helps on the flats and while playing the game - but the spectator hill - people are always slipping because of the tape.  I would advice to not use it for this event.    I am planning on using my neoprene socks inside of old high tops that will get thrown out afterwords.

I had a similar thought about the duct tape this weekend while running...I imagine you don't want to have to tie your laces with cold wet fingers.  Then thought...the last thing you want to do is have to pull duct tape off your sneakers with cold wet fingers.  I concluded it's not a good idea.

@Adam - I am going to check out the New Balance...thanks.

The thicker-sole Vibram Fivefingers shoes could be a possibility too. They drain well, stay lightweight, and I've found the traction to be great when doing muddy trail runs.  So, I'm considering wearing those too.  Ha! As I was typing this, my new pair of Fivefingers were just delivered!  :>)


Which Five Fingers did you go with? After some experimenting I decided on the, Treksports for TM Georgia

Hi Brian,

I've got two pairs right now: The KSO and the Bikila.  They both seem to work well for road running and trail running.  The Bikilas have more traction when wet, but the design of the sole seems to get packed with mud more than on the KSO, in my experience, and then the traction gets reduced with all the mud-pack.

But the Treksport or Komodosport both look like they'd work well.

Are you used to running in them (both on & off-road)?  I would highly recommend training in them because you need to adjust your gait for these shoes, for sure (greatly reduced heel-strike).

My main concern about using the Fivefingers is that it's pretty rocky up at Mount Snow, VT and I'm not sure the relatively thin soles will be enough protection for 10 miles of rocky running. But through the winter & spring I'll be training with them and will know for sure before the big day!  So, that could be something else for you to consider, Brian.

I've been running ( Treadmill and pavement) in my Komodos and Bikilas for about 8 months. I've worn my first pair out so I am on my second pair of Komodos.
. I have been trail running in my KSO's for about 3 months but just started doing some mud running in my Treksports and I love them. I'm doing Warrior Dash in 12 days so that will be their quiz, whereas TM Georgia will be their test. It seems to me that the Treksports have a tougher sole and more traction.

Sounds good, Brian. I'd be very curious to hear how they work for you in the Warrior Dash (and good luck with the race!).

I don't have a pair of the Treksports yet but will have to check them out. I like my KSO's and Bikilas a lot but am a bit worried about rocky terrain for 10 miles.

Please let me know how they do in the upcoming "quiz."  Thanks!


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