I'm coming from Boston Ma to visit my sister who lives in TX to do TM with her on march 31st.  She has recently been in a mountain bike accident and broke her clavicle. So as of now I'm all by my lonesome.  I'm hoping to find a team willing to let me join. Please help!!

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My group has a 10:30 start time, your welcome to join us.

Thanks so much for responding.
  How many in your group?
  Has everyone done a TM before?

Theres 5. 2 of us have done  a TM, One of the others has done a Super Spartan. There is as least 1 female.  

I'm hoping they let me switch my start time. Are you guys staying in a hotel near the race the night before?

yeah some where in Fairfield.

A pimp named slicked huh?  :)  Was that like that before? My sis and I are too. Maybe we could meet up Friday night if you guys are planning on going to grab a bite to eat somewhere.  

we probably wont get in to town until like 10, so maybe breakfast would be better.

Perfect. Let me know when you know where and when. Thanks again for letting me join your team. 

You may want to check your start date & time. My team all registered as a team, though at different times & we all got stuck with different times, & 2 got stuck w/ sunday. Im set for saturday but you should double check yours.  Its like a $30 fee to try & switch days.

Some how a miracle has happened and my start time is at 12 on sat just like yours!!!  :) 
It's a bummer they changed your time from 1030 to noon. The coarse will be all ripped up by then. How many of your team original team of 5 get to go with you on sat?

After the 2nd change we are all set to go on the same day now but still at noon.

just in case I forget to later my # is 405 630 5461, we're gunna be at the budget inn in

fairfield its about 30 east of Wortham which is maybe were we can meet up for breakfast or something and maybe see if we can get into an earlier time.

Because yeah, looks like the weather is going to suck and that will make the course much worse.


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