On the tough mudder training/ boot camp page, they suggest doing "skates" to prepare for the Greased Lightning obstacle.

I've read the "skates" description several times and have asked others to read it as well... No one seems to have a clue what this exercise is.

Anyone able give a more clear explanation of this exercise or point me to a YouTube demonstration?

I'm pretty sure they don't mean to literally tie on some skates and roll around for two minutes during your circuit...
but the description says to keep going and increase speed and *DISTANCE*???

The described activity doesn't sound like it would get you any distance, and definately not with any kind of speed...

Please clear this up for me.



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Isn't Google amazing?

Sure is! Did some googlin myself but missed these in the sea of videos of ice skaters working out. :-p


The exercise they're stating is shown here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tuKi6C48N8. In terms of speed that will be how quickly you transfer from one foot to the other and distance is how far you leap laterally from side to side.

With that said this exercise will not help you in any way with the greased lightning obstacle because that obstacle is basically a slippy slide down a hill.

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