Every Since I COMPLETED the Ohio Tough Mudder my three boys walk around saying when can we do a Tough Mudder and I keep telling them when they turn 18. They are 11, 4 and 2. Will Tough Mudder ever have anything like a  "KIDS MUDDER" because that would be AWESOME to start them on a quest to complete anything they put there little minds to using Team Work and Camaraderie.

Thank you

Larry J

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My kids would also like to do a mini mudder. Would love to have them apart of a great cause as well as an unbelievable challeng. Love being a mudder

Throw your kids a mini mudder:  http://theminimudder.wordpress.com/

My 13-year old daughter wants to join me or do one herself. The Spartan Run has a 1/2 mile course for kids. I'd love to have a similar course from Tough Mudder!

I am in full support of this! My little brother was diagnosed with Leukemia 1.5 years ago. He's 13 and now in remission and back to playing soccer and running around the way he used to. We are running Tough Mudder in September in honor and encouragement of him. He was so upset when he found out he couldn't participate with us--so instead he'll be cheering us on throughout the course. It would be AMAZING to have a Mini-Mudder--to teach kids teamwork and leadership. Heck, it could even help lessen bullying.

There could still be Most Respect Awards and obviously a root beer at the end, as well!

My son is working on designing a kids course. He's 8. He was to be a Tough Mudder so bad! When he completes his course map  we"ll submit it! Maybe someday there will be a Kids Tough Mudder!

I agree as well, since we did our first "mud run" my son has been asking where and when he can do one and why kids ones done exist. He and his footy team would love the challenge. BRING ON A KIDS TOUGH MUDDER!!!!!!!!

My seven year old also wants to run a Tough Mudder. The Down and Dirty mud run series is coming to my area in October, and they have a one mile kids run. I hope that satisfies him for a while, or it is going to be a long 11 years before he is old enough to run in the big show.

This would be an amazing event for kids. Spartan has one for kids as well.

My 8yo son followed me for most of the NorCal Diablo Grande event 9/30/12 and is psyched to do a TM. We did the Color Run together and he had a blast. A Kid's TM would be the BOMB!!!

My 9 yo and 12 yo did a 4 mile mud race with me. It was great- they ran the whole way and did every obstacle. Nothing difficult, but it made them want more. We'd love a Kids TM.

Make a course yourself!

I told my kids if they would train through the summer, I would throw them a Mini Mudder.  This is what we came up with: http://theminimudder.wordpress.com/

25 obstacles over 1 mile.  It was AWESOME!


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