Anyone done both? I'm trying to gauge the difficulty between the two. Is Tough Mudder comparable to a much longer Spartan? 

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I've done a Super & a couple of ToughMudders and for Tm's are much more fun. There is a lot of competition in Spartan Races and too many burpees to be any kind of enjoyable.

I am doing my 1st TM tomorrow in PA and the Spartan Super on 9/8/12 in NJ.  Please let me know what you find out. 

I havent done a TM yet. But have done 4 Spartan Races this year. 2 Sprints (NY & New England), The Super in Vernon, NJ, and The Beast @ Killington, VT. I have to say that I love those races. I did a Rebel Race in NY in between but sadly, that race was joke. I am thinking of doing a TM just to see what the hype is about. But I have heard people that have done TMs and then a Spartan Sprint and say that the Spartan is deff tougher.. About the Burpees, well, that is part of the challenge.. Don't fail the obstacle so you dont have to do the burpees. I'm all set for next year's season for the spartan but will throw in a TM just for the fun of it.

I did TM in PA and Spartan Sprint in NY and Spartan Super in NJ. I The TM and Super are about the same distance. I think TM obstacles were more creative.  TM had more camaraderie throughout the course.

I was checking on the course map for a few TMs last night and in my opinion, "this is again without me doing a TM yet".. the regular 4 mile Spartan seems to have more of a challenge than the NJ TM this year. Something about getting zapped with electricity while wet does not appeal to me. sounds interesting.. but IDK..  Doesn't mean I don't want to do one just to try it. 

I have done a race that was set up by the spartan people and just finished the tough mudder tri state and the mudder was way harder and had well more mud.  I don't think you can even compare the spartan sprint to the mudder. Mudder is gruelling spartan does pack the obstacles closer together but there is something about the mudder that is tougher.

Did Spartan Beast in Utah this past summer and then did TM Utah this past Saturday. Both 12 miles +/- and 25 obstacles. Hard to compare. Spartan Beast was 94 degrees in full sun and on a mountain. It was a bitch but I still had a little left in the tank when I finished. I'm 45 years old and didn't train real hard. Just running and pull-ups. Tough Mudder was 45 degrees, cloudy and windy with spots of rain. The second obstacle was the arctic enema ice bath. Not a good thing on a cold day. It truly set the tone for the rest of the race. My left knee gave out about mile 7 so it was a mind over mater event for me from that point on but I competed every obstacle. The second electroshock obstacle was at the finish line. Got knocked on my arse many times the last of which knocked me out cold. I woke up staring at the sky and then crawled out the end. WOW! Tough Mudder was tougher for me just because it was so cold but I really think they are very comparable. Both are a very good mental and physical tests. Just pick one and DO IT! 

I have done 3 Tough Mudders and 2 Spartan Beasts. The Beasts where harder physically, but both events are challenging mentally and physically and both events required me to get help from friends or strangers.

After running my first tough mudder, I am considering running a spartan race as it looks like it could be more challenging to me. Some say the spartan routine of exercises is not the most fun and I can see why but I guess I would rather stick to tough mudder, I just think there could be some improvements in obstacles, the way it's ran so not so binded up at the obstacles, and more challenging obstacles in a way. I enjoyed the tough mudder though. Good times.

I've done Tough Mudder's in N.J., Poconos, WTM in 2011, and Spartan Beast at Mountain Creek in Vernon N.J.  Depends on your goals as far as difficulty.  Tough Mudder's are challenges.  No one is timing you and it can take you as long as you need to finish.  Spartan races are just that, a race.  You can take as long as you want, but you are timed against everyone else.  There are much more obstacles in a Tough Mudder, and they will cause you to use your entire body.  You're also going to get electricuted a few times.  Spartan races are more running, and you won't be electricuted.  Don't get me wrong.  Running up and down a mountain is one big obstacle, and you will certainly feel it.  The WTM is in a category all by itself as far as testing physical, mental and emotional toughness.  Hope I was able to help.  God Bless.

I ran a Spartan Sprint in April, a Spartan Super in July, and Tough Mudder (TM) in October. I ran the Spartans to gear up for TM, but actually found the Spartans to be tougher. At least the Spartans I've run have been at ski resorts, but instead of going up a ski lift and skiing down, you're doing it on foot. Sometimes with a 40 lb sand bag. There's also a lot more running through the woods, which I enjoy, and I haven't found the lines like you find at TM. I also found the logistics at TM to be idiotic. I had to wait an hour for my backpack at the bag check, and the showers were horrible--dribbling garden hoses that did nothing to take the mud off. That said, TM is fun--especially for the young. A lot more people who are out of shape run TM. I wouldn't mind running the Spartan Sprint again, although crawling under barbed wire over rocks at the end really tore up my knees. I got sick for a week after the Spartan Super, but recovered in about a day from TM. The burpees are a drag at the Spartans you can sneak by without doing them. The best advice for TM is not to wear loose clothes or gloves anything that'll get heavy with mud. In sum, Spartan=hills, lots of hills, and TM=mud, lots of mud. Hills=more work, mud=more fun, if you're into that!

Havent done a spartan. Plan on it though. What TM did you do in October? The KY TM had hills. Lots of hills. Not ski resort hills but seemed most of the course was up or down. Seems there is a lot of variance in the TM as far as terrain. I do like the idea of more of a race atmosphere. In TM you have to leave early and be willing to keep yelling "passing left" to get thru. Go early and you'll avoid lines. I'd guess you can make either as hard as you want by moving fast.


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