Kela's Training Log

I've been running intervals on the treadmill at the gym up to 3 miles. Yesterday I ran 4 miles and today 4.5 miles interspersed with a lot of leg presses, push ups, step ups and abs. I also did some other weight lifting with my legs. This is SO much harder to do than running 4 miles in a row.

I've been running pretty regularly for that past 2 or 3 weeks. Hoorah! Lovin' it.

Did a 7 mile hike 2 weekends ago and a 3 mile jogging/walking hike last weekend.

I'll be hitting a trail this weekend too.

I'm pretty much working out at the gym 4 to 5 days a week. Almost always doing intense cardio, ab work,  and alternating every other day between weight lifting with my lower and upper body.

I take whichever day on the weekend that I'm not hiking off completely to let my body rest.

I am having a BLAST pushing myself more and more!


Oh, and I forgot to add the PAINFUL part of my training regimen. One super cold bath per week to acclimate myself to the ridiculously cold water I will be immersed in come July! NOT FUN AT ALL, but NECESSARY!

Comment by Kela Brousard on January 19, 2012 at 11:43am

I tried to make it to the gym in time to this Body Pump class with weights, etc, but I missed it. It looks AWESOME! I intend to do it on Tuesday. So, instead I ran 5 interval miles, did my upper body weight lifting (I only use free weights.), abs, push ups and step ups. I did this workout with a little less intensity. I'll bring the intensity back up tomorrow. I have to say that I hit a mental wall with the running this morning, but I got through it. It's time to mix up the cardio.

Comment by Kela Brousard on January 20, 2012 at 1:50pm

This morning 3 interval miles on the treadmill. LOTS of leg presses, 50 push ups, 30 step ups, abs, and leg weights. Feelin' good!

Comment by Kela Brousard on January 27, 2012 at 1:46pm

I'm behind on updating this because of a death in the family, but here it is.

My beloved and I did a 3.5 hour hike through Fryman and Franklin Canyon on Satturday the 21st, then we went dancing for 3 hours later that evening. That was a full on work out! Woohoo!

Sunday was my day of rest, then Monday I headed back to the gym for a 2.5 mile interval run, interspersed with pushups, leg ups and my regular leg weight exercises. I did 30, then 25, then 20 pushups. YAY!

I took Tuesday and Wednesday off and then on Thursday I did a 3.5 mile nature jog. I came home and did 35, then 25, then 15 pushups.

I'm up to 6 pull ups now. YAY!

I am going to try to work out today, but I need to see how I feel.

Comment by Kela Brousard on February 11, 2012 at 12:04pm

Hey, Bada asses! I've been lagging on my updates, but not on my training. I've been running pretty regular 3.5 to 5 mile interval runs at the gym, doing push ups, pull ups, squats, crunches and weights. I also started doing a class at Gold's gym called Body Pump. Almost a full hour of non stop weight lifting. YEAH! Feels good. Weekend hikes are still in full effect, but I haven't taken a cold bath in a couple of weeks. I hope to get the nerve up to resume that aspect of my training next weekend! Woohoo! Stay strong, Tough Mudders! Let's ROCK this sucker!

Comment by Kela Brousard on February 21, 2012 at 9:17am

Okay, so I haven't hiked in 2 weeks. :-( However, I have been regularly hitting the gym and running 5 interval miles on the rolling hills program. It's getting a bit easier and I'm upping my speed and resistance levels. I'm doing regular leg weights and upper body weights training. I switch off every other day with them. I'm getting in about 4-5 days a week of training. It will go back to 5 or 6 with my hike this weekend. YAY! Oh, I can do 30 push ups in a row now and I can do 8 pull ups. Onward and upward!


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