Got invited to join a team!  Totally pumped and happy.

Had today my swimming lessons in preparation for the TM in Scotland.  I put my head in the water with no fear after 37 years! Woah.  However, it is one thing for this to happen with clear water, warm, and a teacher, and another one to jump into freezing water as well as muddy water.  How cold IS the water actually (aside from the ice one?). 

Also, got over my "trampled by elephants" after-run feeling and felt getting stronger. Bought a new pair of running shoes, all-terrain and I hurt the bast of my 5th metatarsal (peroneal tendon, I think).  Anyone knows what is a proper running form, and better yet the best running shoes?  I will be in DC next week, are there any "running clinics" that can watch you how you run?  Are the Vibram (shoes with toes) a good idea to use for running?  At the moment in crutches...will try to keep my cardio up as best I can by rowing.  I am not giving up.

Tomorrow we do the jumping in the water (never done it in my life!)

A Tough Mudder in making.

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Comment by Bruce Fraser on March 18, 2012 at 3:31am

Well done, Ana, for jumping into the water! As for the temperature of the water in Scotland in July, well, it ain't gonna be hot, that's for sure! It shouldn't be too cold, though. The river that runs past Drumlanrig Castle isn't fed by water from high, snow-capped mountains so it shouldn't feel too bad.

As for running shoes, I've just bought some Adidas TR4s which are feeling great underfoot, very grippy in muddy bits!  I had my gait checked out at a Snow & Rock store here in the UK which had a franchise in it called Runners Need.  They had a treadmill set up with a computerised camera which took a video for quick analysis.  Hopefully, somebody will tell you of a similar outlet, either in the US for while you're there, or for when you're back in Paris.

Au revoir!

Comment by Ana on March 18, 2012 at 6:24am
Thanks Bruce! Jumping in the water is today. A first! Trip to DC might not happen so I will have to look for a place here once I am able to put weight on my foot again. I hope I do not have a stress fracture, but just some bruising. Will have to switch to low impact in order to maintain cardio for now.
Comment by andylee on November 27, 2013 at 3:00am

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