A Message from the Sunshine Coast Mayor

Sunshine Coast Mudders, 
It was awesome watching you conquer the course at Caloundra Downs last month. Nicely done. Our friends at the Sunshine Coast Council were excited to help host the event and they got in on action, too: four council members took part and are now proud holders of orange headbands. Sunshine Coast mayor Mark Jamieson also took notice of your badassery and wanted to say a few words to thank you:
Dear Mudders,
I hope you have all recovered from your experience recently at the inaugural Tough Mudder 
on the Sunshine Coast, and post-event aches and pains were minimal.
It was certainly a course to be reckoned with and I am sure you all had a great time and 
hopefully made and/or strengthened some friendships along the way – it’s that sort of 
cooperative event.
I would personally like to thank each and every one of you for supporting our efforts in 
attaining the event by signing up.Together, you have made Sunshine Coast Tough Mudder 
the world’s biggest Tough Mudder event in 2013 to date.
I know many of you traveled quite some distance to be here and I trust you had a wonderful 
time, particularly if you made the excellent, savvy choice of staying on the Coast for a while 
before or after the event. We enjoyed your company and will be only too happy to see you 
and your friends here again next year – or at any of the many other events we host here on 
the Sunny Coast.
For all those locals who entered, congratulations on flying the home flag at Caloundra Downs 
– you did us proud.
The Tough Mudder crew have said they are astounded by the support and the facilities the 
Coast laid on for them and all the participants, and are very keen to be back here again in 
2014. We’re sure looking forward to it, too.
So until we all meet again, my very best wishes to you all.
Yours sincerely, 


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